A world like no other

We have never seen such challenging times, but it is heartening to see the response of New Zealanders & the world in such trying circumstances.

Capital Recruitment is open & working remotely – would love to help in any way possible. If you’re a candidate looking for work send us your latest CV & an idea of what kind of roles you are looking for.  Our contacts are predominantly in the government sector.  So, if you have central government experience, we will have a better chance of helping.

When we get through this challenge there will be opportunities but we’re not sure of what they may look like. While the lockdown is currently 4 weeks this may change.   We may not be the country or world we knew before.

At the end of the lockdown it may not be business as usual straight away, but the restrictions could be lifted in a graduated manner.  The world we come back into after getting out of our bubbles will be different in many ways. There will be aspects of our lives that will be the same but a lot that will be different.  It is likely that people will lose jobs but let’s work together to find solutions with an open, inflexible approach to the new world.

Kia kaha

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