Here are some podcasts I listen.  If you like them I would suggest that you subscribe through normal channels & also sign up on their web sites. Here you go. Tim Ferriss – No 1 podcast on Apple & has 373 podcasts across a lot of subjects. How I built this with Guy Raz

Recruitment Mistakes

Recruitment Strategy Mistakes:   Not treating great applicants like great customers. Failing to understand the cost/benefit of a new employee before you hire. Failing to plan your recruitment strategy & implement. Hiring a full-time employee when you only need a contractor. Not listening to your inner voice when recruiting that says “not sure” or “no”.


Usually we do references when there is 1 preferred candidate for a role.  Recently we have seen several recruitment processes where the client is down to 2 preferred candidates & want to do references on both. References are part of the probity process.  They should verify: Where the candidate worked Attendance record Personality & cultural


Am I off track? Lately I have come across a number of people who are stressed about work or life situations & I think to myself – wtf?  Seems to me that lots of people don’t see the big picture or the right time scale in their lives.  They are worried about small things, first


We have just completed a Search for a Local Authority.  They had been looking for a Senior Water engineer for a year.  Not our normal role but using a social media strategy, search, our AI & Big Data tools we found someone in 6 weeks. There is lots of jargon & myths (perpetrated by the

Social Media Presence

Your LinkedIn profile is important if you are a hiring manager or someone looking for a new role. Overseas part of the probity process when recruit includes a formal stocktake of a potential employee’s social media account.  This will start happening in NZ as well.  Your online presence will be a factor in whether you

Speed, Timing & Substance

The policy space has become very busy, we have multiple permanent & contract opportunities. It is very competitive finding great senior policy candidates in both permanent & contract roles at the moment. The time it takes to get feedback for permanent roles from hiring managers has increased. This means that you have a greater chance

Stress & Behaviour

Over the past week I have had 4 people describe workplace stress & how they reacted in an angry manner – which they would not normally do. According to some report’s workplace stress has increased over the past 20 years. To help my sanity here is what I do most mornings around 5.30am: take my

What’s happening in the market

The market is very tight across Australasia.  Talking with colleagues in Australia they have candidates who have accepted roles but then take another more lucrative role.  Often, they have signed the contract & some have actually started a role when they take another role & leave after a few days. In NZ we have not

Unstructured Interview (2002)

Identifying counterproductive behaviour A study by Professors Melinda Blackman & David Funder, University of California (2002) highlights that an unstructured interview conducted by an experienced interviewer is more likely to uncover counterproductive behaviour than a formal interview. Experienced interviewers will make a good connection, help the candidate feel relaxed & allow them to be themselves.

What employers want on Social Media

Surveys have shown that when employers view candidate social media profiles: 83% of employers are turned off by references about using illegal drugs. 71% are turned off by posts of a sexual nature. 65% are turned off by use of bad language. 61% are turned off by bad spelling or grammar. 51% are turned off

What happens when Hiring Managers use more than one recruiter

Your recruiters will do less work. You will get a veneer approach – across the surface and no depth. Any Recruiter who values their time will analyse where they are likely to get the best return. If you are one of 3 then you have a 33% chance of filling the role. Versus 100% if exclusive.

What my dog has taught me

The cat/ impermanence post had many positive comments so thought I would do a Friday Philosophy Post. My dog has taught me Patience – he sits so nicely when he waits for his food or chilling on the coach Enthusiasm for a new day, boy is he excited first thing. It rubs off when those


We often advise candidates about the use of adjectives in interviews and the subject often comes up as well in feedback from hiring managers. One of the main culprits is the use of “quite”. Candidate: I am quite good at writing. How do you quantify “quite” in this sentence?  When we interview candidates and they


My wife has just been going through a recruitment process for a NFP (she is a nurse) which has frustrated the hell out of her. Interviewed nearly 3 weeks ago, progressed to references a couple of days later. Took over a week for the prospective employer to do references. My wife was told they would

Interview Prep 2

When we met candidates in our office we provide specific instructions on where to come & what to do as we have an unmanned reception area. It is amazing how many people cannot follow the instructions & end up wandering around the floor like lost lambs. We always ask the person who meets & greets


In an interview the objective is to determine the candidate has the right skills & personality/team fit for the role.  Experienced interviewers: Get the candidate relaxed asap. You want the candidate to present strongly & accurately.  Ask them questions about themselves. In the interview if answers are not clear ask for clarification, use questions like:

What will I be known for?

Just had a birthday & I was thinking about “what will be my legacy” – if anything. I have my 2 lovely daughters in their 20’s – one in San Diego studying Law, other in Auckland doing medicine.  Yes, thank goodness they take after their mother in looks & brains.  When will they finishing studying

Jargon Concepts Acronyms

I have always thought that people who use lots of jargon tend to be less productive, know less, do and achieve less.  Some people I have met have used jargon and concepts to make themselves feel better or be perceived as an expert. A New York University study provides interesting insight into people’s perception around

A world like no other

We have never seen such challenging times, but it is heartening to see the response of New Zealanders & the world in such trying circumstances. Capital Recruitment is open & working remotely – would love to help in any way possible. If you’re a candidate looking for work send us your latest CV & an

Where to from here in your career?

So you are think of a new role as a next step or you have a longer term vision. Here are some things to consider. Define your goals, what do you want in the longer term? Be specific. Identify people who have roles you would like as a guide. Identify the skills you need to

Offshore Recruitment

We are working with a client to bring very specialised talent from overseas.  There are some common themes that ask questions about.  There is romantic view of NZ being the land of beautiful landscapes & the Lord of the Rings! However, their questions are often very pragmatic & can vary depending on the country they


Over the weekend I was at a Tai Chi seminar (Sing On Tai Chi) in Christchurch.  It was held at the Woolston Club in the former Woolston Working Men’s Bowling Club. Times have changed. Woolston Working Men’s Club now called the Woolston Club – for obvious reasons. The bowling club closed circa 1996 looking at

Our Cat

We had to put down our 20-year-old cat yesterday.  It made me think about things like permanence & our ability to change.  Relating this to work here are some ideas/thoughts: “This too shall Pass” Persian/Jewish saying for when things need sense of time when times are busy or not so great. “It is not what

Help or Hinderance

Do your support services make it easy or hard for you? This week we had 2 contrasting scenarios. Client internal recruitment person called one of the Capital team aggressively complaining about not knowing about one of their own GM’s recruiting a role.   My colleague was very good managing her aggressive behaviour – I would have

Counter offers on the rise

We have seen a substantial rise in counter offers. Frankly most of the advice you see is no help. Some interesting stats: 80% of candidates who accept a counter offer from current employer leave within 6 months. 90% of candidates who accept a counter offer leave current employer within the 12 months. 50% of candidateswho resign will


We have been asked recently about the employment marketing over the short term. Here are my thoughts: The irrational herd behaviour will continue for several months.  Not sure why people worldwide are panic buying toilet paper! The government package will help but not stop job losses. Jobs in the government sector may not slow down

Descriptive Language

I was talking with a candidate today discussing tactics of interviewing.  The chap was modest & reluctant to positively frame answers about his skills & experience. Before you jump the gun – answers need to be authentic, genuine & comfortable for the candidate.  I am not condoning exaggeration or lying! Never works. What struck me


This is from an email I sent someone who is going through a performance management process. Exiting from your organisation I would look at a graceful & mutually beneficial arrangement – redundancy, garden leave, confidentiality etc. Get advice Work out your comms about the exit. Consistent & simple message based on the truth Look at

First 5 minutes for Managers

From previous posts you will know why it is important to manage the whole recruitment process. You have everything set – panel organised, reception prepped, room ready.  The first 5 minutes in the interview are very important for both the candidate & panel. What next? Greet candidate with good handshake Introduce panel members Remember to

First Impressions – appearances

These are basic must have’s, but it is amazing how sometimes great people don’t get it right. Clothing – wear appropriate attire.  With a more casual dress code you still need to be well dressed for an interview. For men, a tie is not a must – I have not worn one for years.  I

First Impressions – Step 2 Your head

Your head & face are a major component of your impression management & therefore require additional thinking. Nods & genuine smiles connects you to the other person. Appropriate humour is great to break the ice & lighten the mood – I get this wrong sometimes & is a work in progress. Good eye contact is

First Impressions – Step 1: Body Language

When we meet in person first impressions count. Some research shows that even children tend to judge someone in the first 100th of a second! First impressions are formed by: 55% body language 38% tone of voice 7% Very quickly we make decisions about the person’s intention, whether they are credible & whether they are


I was talking with my 21 year old med student daughter a month ago.  She had a situation with someone who was causing a lot of commotion & disruption.  My daughter was allowing herself to be pulled in and she was feeling anxious about it.  She did not know what to do. My thoughts were:

Client Interview Prep

Very First impressions: If the candidate is doing a presentation or an exercise make sure that they have full details of technology, format, expected time.  Prior to interview send them: Where, when, who to ask for Panel members names with title JD Interview style – behavioural based? Structure of the interview – what happens in

Change start do more of

I am terrible about predicting the future, can’t work out what is going to happen tomorrow most days! Given the Lockdown here is what may be important in the short to medium term: What do you think will stay the same in your role/workstream/organisation/sector prior to & post lockdown? What stays the same? What are

Gut Feeling

Working with great people. I meet many people & have often similar conversations with them. One common theme is about gut feeling, do you trust it? Gut feel is often seen by academics as being unreliable but in my experience, you go against it at your peril.  Often in life you make decisions where you

Policy Career Planning

Where to from here?  Considering a change, bored or not sure what you want next? With 20 years of recruitment experience in the policy space here are steps I think you should consider: Reflect on what you like, dislike, need, and want from work List what you are you good at Identify your transferable skills

Career advice questions.

Do you have an idea about your ideal role? (include preference for permanent &/or contract; positions / job titles of interest & level of role; sectors of interest/specific areas of expertise; etc) What remuneration are you after? (contract rate/permanent salary, as applicable) What do you consider are your strengths? How would you describe yourself /

Business cases

I believe that a lot of business cases are flawed.  I based this on one of the MBA papers I did years ago. A researcher at London School of Economics researched Business Cases for Mergers & Acquisitions.  She compared the major outcomes that the pre-M & A Business Case outlined with results post M &

Why do you need to make an impression with your candidates?

Here are some facts from international research: More than 33% of candidates have made their decision about a job within the first 5 minutes of the interview, or even sooner Nearly 50% of candidates decide whether they would or wouldn’t accept a position straight after the initial meeting. 20% know if they are interested after

How Capital Recruitment is responding to COVID-19

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination.

Happy New Year

We often start the year with thoughts on making changes in our lives, I don’t use New Year’s resolutions but think of experimenting with changes in my behaviours. I have made a major change at the end of last year – sit down. I stopped drinking alcohol.   I needed to recalibrate as my stop button


Christmas is a reflective time – once the pre-Christmas scrambled is over!  Not sure why we do that every year & we are supposed to be an intelligent species. I am ready a book by Ryan Holiday – “Stillness is the key”.  It has great messages on quietening down.  His other books – “The Ego

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