Business cases

I believe that a lot of business cases are flawed.  I based this on one of the MBA papers I did years ago.

A researcher at London School of Economics researched Business Cases for Mergers & Acquisitions.  She compared the major outcomes that the pre-M & A Business Case outlined with results post M & A.  In not one example did she find a major outcome had been achieved post M & A from the original Business Case.

Recently I talked with Australasia’s leading Better Business Case expert who said that in less than 0.5% of cases do the major benefits accrue.  What he finds is that he:

  • goes back to fundamentals without presuming a preferred outcome
  • doubles the costs
  • doubles the timelines
  • reviews all the assumptions.

This bending information for our own reality, view or desired outcome is not just in Business Cases but also in other facets of our lives.  Look at changes in organisational strategy, restructures & people who get promoted above their ability.

Emotive decision then rationalised by information – not fact.

I am going to put the spotlight on my decision making.

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