Christmas is a reflective time – once the pre-Christmas scrambled is over!  Not sure why we do that every year & we are supposed to be an intelligent species.

I am ready a book by Ryan Holiday – “Stillness is the key”.  It has great messages on quietening down.  His other books – “The Ego is the Enemy “& “The Obstacle is the way” are also good reads.

This has been a challenging year with the tragic death of my niece Sophia in Dunedin.  Her death has left a big hole in our family which we are yet to get to grips with.

During this difficult & dark time our family has seen some wonderful & enlightening acts of kindness & compassion.  We have experienced generosity in thoughts, flowers, cards, food & time.  It has a wonderful reminder of our shared humanity & experiences.

We do not get out of this life alive.

Be kind, tell people important to you that you love them. Life is transient & fragile; we pretend it is permanent but it is not. The voice in your head is made up, look for the real & don’t get caught up in the small crap.

Best wishes from the Capital team & happy holidays.

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