Client Interview Prep

  1. Very First impressions:

If the candidate is doing a presentation or an exercise make sure that they have full details of technology, format, expected time.  Prior to interview send them:

  • Where, when, who to ask for
  • Panel members names with title
  • JD
  • Interview style – behavioural based?
  • Structure of the interview – what happens in what sequence
  • Any background information.

Ensure the person at reception knows they are coming & greets them in a way that the candidate knows they are expected.

  1. Inspect the room:

Make sure clean & tidy before the candidate arrives.

  1. Check the tech:

For presentations.

  1. Be prepared:

Ready CV before interview & make notes.

Have panel members sorted as to what they will do in the interview. Who asks what questions?

Have answers for questions the candidate might ask.  What will I be working on, who will I work to etc.?

  1. Start of interview:

To get the genuine answers & see the real person (some people can act very well for an hour) get them relaxed.  Introduce the panel, describe roles.  Ask questions non work related – what did you do in the weekend?



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