This is from an email I sent someone who is going through a performance management process.

  • Exiting from your organisation I would look at a graceful & mutually beneficial arrangement – redundancy, garden leave, confidentiality etc. Get advice
  • Work out your comms about the exit. Consistent & simple message based on the truth
  • Look at your ideal next role as a first option but with the idea that it may require a staged approach & take a couple of years. With technology & flexible working arrangements it could be a mix of part time, contract for several organisations
  • Look at one day at a time, get the low hanging fruit, do what you can do & not worry about what you cannot change. This could be the best thing for you
  • Remember to breath & “this too shall pass”
  • For me the measure of a person is not how they behave when things are easy but how they act when circumstances are difficult. In my Black Belt I learnt that what I thought were my boundaries were in fact not the limits & there I could do more.  We all have it in us if we decide to stand up again.

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