First 5 minutes for Managers

From previous posts you will know why it is important to manage the whole recruitment process.

You have everything set – panel organised, reception prepped, room ready.  The first 5 minutes in the interview are very important for both the candidate & panel. What next?

  1. Greet candidate with good handshake
  2. Introduce panel members
  3. Remember to smile
  4. Break the ice with a personal question – how was your weekend/day/nice out there, etc, rather than heading straight into the formal interview questions. Aim to connect with the candidate on a personal level, find some common ground or interest. Let this play out for a few minutes, ideally until the candidate is relaxed.  Look for relaxed body language
  5. Then set out the structure of the interview, timing etc.

Why is this important?

Candidates who are relaxed & comfortable will be more likely to be open.  You will see the real them rather than a manufactured persona.  You are more likely to see any counter-productive behaviour.

Plus the candidate is more likely to have a positive impression of you & your organisation.

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