First Impressions – appearances

These are basic must have’s, but it is amazing how sometimes great people don’t get it right.

  1. Clothing – wear appropriate attire.  With a more casual dress code you still need to be well dressed for an interview. For men, a tie is not a must – I have not worn one for years.  I would still recommend a suit; just makes you look switched on.  For women, smart casual is fine.
    I would not recommend being too out there, but wearing something distinctive can help you stand out & be memorable.  Some people look at wearing the same thing as Steve Jobs!
  2. Hair – tidy & well kept.
  3. For men – if you do not have a beard, I like to see a shaved face not stubble.  To me, stubble looks like you are lazy… if you cannot be bothered shaving, then what else will you cut corners with on the job.
  4. Smell – nothing puts you off more than bad breath, body odour or the smell of cigarettes.
  5. Authenticity – be yourself but be your best self.

Denis Waitley – “I may not be the best looking, but I will look my best”.

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