First Impressions – Step 1: Body Language

When we meet in person first impressions count. Some research shows that even children tend to judge someone in the first 100th of a second!

First impressions are formed by:

  • 55% body language
  • 38% tone of voice
  • 7%

Very quickly we make decisions about the person’s intention, whether they are credible & whether they are someone we want to do business with.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Posture — back straight & shoulders relaxed
  2. Keep your legs slightly apart but not too wide
  3. Lean in a bit
  4. Mirror the body language of the other person
  5. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides, not crossed
  6. Use your hands when you speak — this improves credibility & improves your thinking processes
  7. Always greet with a firm handshake
  8. Be aware of different cultural greetings and closures prior to your meeting.

When you first start being aware of these things it can feel artificial, but with practice it becomes the new normal & natural.

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