I was talking with my 21 year old med student daughter a month ago.  She had a situation with someone who was causing a lot of commotion & disruption.  My daughter was allowing herself to be pulled in and she was feeling anxious about it.  She did not know what to do.

My thoughts were:

  1. The person was flapping like a bird – a lot of motion, noise & energy but going nowhere fast!
  2. Recognise the action for what it is.
  3. Step back & let it come to it’s natural end. Watch the situation unfold.
  4. Be patient because the flapping will eventually stop. It always does.
  5. You don’t need to react or do anything or get caught up in the drama. If you do you feed the flapper.

After a week or so the flapping had calmed down without my daughter wasting any effort or energy.  There are flappers everywhere.  People flapping about being busy, gossiping, being upset about things that in the perspective of your life are meaningless.  Don’t feed the flappers because that just keeps them flapping for longer!

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