Gut Feeling

Working with great people.

I meet many people & have often similar conversations with them.

One common theme is about gut feeling, do you trust it?

Gut feel is often seen by academics as being unreliable but in my experience, you go against it at your peril.  Often in life you make decisions where you do not have all the answer & have to make a judgement call.

When it comes to people your subconscious mind picks on nuances that your conscious mind can miss.  If I have a cluster of 2 or more things not feeling right about a person or process, we pull the plug.

Over the years when we have not listened to that inner voice it has gone wrong.

Ideally for best results use data & your gut together.

Alex Honeysett gives this framework which I think is very useful.

  1. Rationality – list pros & cons
  2. What does your intuitions say?
  3. What & how are my different relationships affected by this decision?
  4. What aligns with my values?
  5. Get good counsel.
  6. What fears are affecting this decision?
  7. What is the cost?
  8. What is the risk & reward?

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