Happy New Year

We often start the year with thoughts on making changes in our lives, I don’t use New Year’s resolutions but think of experimenting with changes in my behaviours.

I have made a major change at the end of last year – sit down. I stopped drinking alcohol.   I needed to recalibrate as my stop button which was not working properly.  While I have had a glass at Xmas & another on New Years eve that has been it.  2 months virtually alcohol free.  Will it continue?  Not sure, but I have lost some weight & have a greater sense of control.

It is often a daily challenge for me to not drink as I have really enjoyed a beer or a wine in the past.

In my experience making changes in my life require:

  • Motivation to change the situation.
  • Action – starting the first step of the journey.
  • Commitment – keep at it each day.
  • Challenge – growth comes from pushing my boundaries.
  • Consistency – for me this can be moment by moment.
  • Patience – some things take time.
  • Tolerance of my fallibility but looking to improve, learn & grow.

What have you changed?