Help or Hinderance

Do your support services make it easy or hard for you?

This week we had 2 contrasting scenarios.

  1. Client internal recruitment person called one of the Capital team aggressively complaining about not knowing about one of their own GM’s recruiting a role.   My colleague was very good managing her aggressive behaviour – I would have been different. At every stage this person makes it difficult for the hiring managers & us.  We try to shield the candidates from her as it could well put them off.  The person is in such a stark contrast to the hiring managers we deal with in that area who are great.
  2. Call from HR Manager discussing the management of an applicant for a role. Great dialogue ending in a joint approach to what could have been a difficult situation.  Brilliant outcome, we love working with these people!  The HR team in this organisation are wonderful -pragmatic, thorough, professional.

Are your recruitment processes:

  • Transparent
  • easy to use
  • candidate focused
  • managed in a timely manner?

These are often the first experience a potential employee has of the internal machinery.

First impressions count.




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