Interview Prep 2

  1. When we met candidates in our office we provide specific instructions on where to come & what to do as we have an unmanned reception area. It is amazing how many people cannot follow the instructions & end up wandering around the floor like lost lambs.
  2. We always ask the person who meets & greets the candidate for their impressions. At times some candidates will treat the first person they meet in an offhand manner & the person that interviews them differently.

What does this mean for us:

First scenario

  1. Can’t follow instructions
  2. No attention to detail
  3. Likely to need follow up to ensure they are prepared for any interviews.

Second scenario

  1. Does the candidate have a power or ego problem?
  2. Are they self-aware?

We look for trends in behaviour during the recruitment process that could indicate how someone would behave & perform in a role.  Several small things can quickly add up.  And we have not even got to the interview stage!

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