Jargon Concepts Acronyms

I have always thought that people who use lots of jargon tend to be less productive, know less, do and achieve less.  Some people I have met have used jargon and concepts to make themselves feel better or be perceived as an expert.

A New York University study provides interesting insight into people’s perception around this.  Subjects were given 2 sentences providing the same facts.  One used jargon & one used clear & concise language.  Subjects thought the clear statement was more accurate.

Jargon in adverts & in the interview process can put off potential employees as it can appear untrustworthy.  However, there are times when some jargon or anachronism are valuable:

  • They can help you be seen as part of the tribe
  • Condenses information
  • Gives you authority
  • It can enhance people’s view of a situation, product or organisation.  For example, “pre-owned” instead of “used”.

It comes down to a sense of taste, proportion & appropriateness.  True for adverts, CV’s & JD’s.


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