Over the weekend I was at a Tai Chi seminar (Sing On Tai Chi) in Christchurch.  It was held at the Woolston Club in the former Woolston Working Men’s Bowling Club.

Times have changed.

  1. Woolston Working Men’s Club now called the Woolston Club – for obvious reasons.
  2. The bowling club closed circa 1996 looking at the Club Honours board. Now it is the base for Chans Martial Arts which I have had a long association with.
  3. The names on the board were interesting too. All Anglo Saxon, not one name that was not from the UK.  No van Beekhuizen, Papalii,  Patel, Chans, Latu, Chaudry, Kroll, Ruru & certainly no Crestani.  What it would look like if it was still going now? Bet it would be very different. Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s if you had a non Anglo Saxon surname you could cope some abuse.

The event at Deans Ave have changed our view but we were already changing & have been since Maori first came to Aotearoa.  Out of this tragedy we now have a chance to make thoughtful, positive change.  While we have the momentum & community spirit lets proactively be inclusive, not put up with racist & bullying behaviour.

We are the same but also let’s celebrate & allow for our differences. Tolerance brother!


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