Offshore Recruitment

We are working with a client to bring very specialised talent from overseas.  There are some common themes that ask questions about.  There is romantic view of NZ being the land of beautiful landscapes & the Lord of the Rings!

However, their questions are often very pragmatic & can vary depending on the country they are from.  But here are the general themes they want to know:

  1. Relocations cost policy?
  2. Best to sell house before they move to NZ or rent out?
  3. How to get short term furnished accommodation for the first months?
  4. What should they bring over?
  5. Cost of living in NZ?
  6. What suburbs to live in?
  7. Introduction to an Immigration Consultant, what is the immigration process – what information do they need to provide & how long will that take.
  8. If they have children, then there are questions about schooling & timing.


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