Our Cat

We had to put down our 20-year-old cat yesterday.  It made me think about things like permanence & our ability to change.  Relating this to work here are some ideas/thoughts:

  1. “This too shall Pass” Persian/Jewish saying for when things need sense of time when times are busy or not so great.
  2. “It is not what life does to you but what life does for you” – Tony Robbins. Not sure how this plays out but experimenting with this.
  3. A job does not define you, it is part of your life but that is all. Don’t let it dominate the rest of your life.
  4. Look for the best, the worst is easy to see and make the best of what happens.
  5. Look for solutions not problems. Does not mean that you don’t look for threats or risks but look for what you can do.
  6. Life is too short to spend with people who do not perform or treat you badly or are hard to work with. Move on. Working with or for great people is a delight.  Actively seek great people.
  7. Where do we make a difference in other people’s lives? Where is our impact?




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