My wife has just been going through a recruitment process for a NFP (she is a nurse) which has frustrated the hell out of her.

Interviewed nearly 3 weeks ago, progressed to references a couple of days later.

Took over a week for the prospective employer to do references.

My wife was told they would get back to her on Monday last week.  She heard back on Friday.  Meanwhile she had another job offer she was holding off as this NFP was her preference.

Her frustrations

  • Employer not doing what they said they would do when they said they would
  • Not knowing what was going on meant my wife thought of all the bad things that could be happening behind the scenes. It was interesting to see that where there was a void of information what the mind makes up to fill it!
  • Perception of the NFP as a good employer diminished considerably
  • She questioned why this should happen. That it was not right. In our experience this is very much the normal!


  • Patience, these processes take time
  • No feedback could mean nothing, or the hiring manager is talking to someone else. Or they have not done anything
  • Don’t fill the void with conjecture. Fruitless exercise
  • Time kills all processes.

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