Policy Career Planning

Where to from here?  Considering a change, bored or not sure what you want next?

With 20 years of recruitment experience in the policy space here are steps I think you should consider:

  • Reflect on what you like, dislike, need, and want from work
  • List what you are you good at
  • Identify your transferable skills & experience
  • Describe your ideal role, next & longer term
  • Where is my ideal role?
  • What is the gap between your current role & your ideal role?
  • How do you bridge that gap?
  • How to accelerate your journey?

You should write answers to each of these steps to help crystallise the plan.  Often it is difficult to think realistically about yourself & be able to step outside of ourselves so that you can objectively review and manage your career.

In my experience you need a long-term goal to head towards with the knowledge that life can throw curve balls at you.  You need to be able to deal with a dynamic and organic world.  The long-term goal gives you your strategic focus while the next ideal role is your tactical next move.

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