In an interview the objective is to determine the candidate has the right skills & personality/team fit for the role.  Experienced interviewers:

  1. Get the candidate relaxed asap. You want the candidate to present strongly & accurately.  Ask them questions about themselves.
  2. In the interview if answers are not clear ask for clarification, use questions like:
    Then what happened?
    What was the result?
  3. Very common feedback from hiring managers is – we could not identify what the candidate did in their role because they talked about “we” not” “I. Follow up response could be:
    You talked about we in the answer, what was your specific responsibility/task/action?
  4. I like some sort of exercise appropriate for the role – could be a written test about an on the job activity.
  5. At the end of the interview tell the candidate about next steps & timing.
  6. Given competitive market I would ask what other roles they are looking at & what stage are they are at.


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