Recruitment Mistakes

Recruitment Strategy Mistakes:


  1. Not treating great applicants like great customers.
  1. Failing to understand the cost/benefit of a new employee before you hire.
  1. Failing to plan your recruitment strategy & implement.
  1. Hiring a full-time employee when you only need a contractor.
  1. Not listening to your inner voice when recruiting that says “not sure” or “no”.
  1. Not hiring employees that thrive at each stage of the organisational lifecycle.
  1. Not having an office space millennial ‘s or culture they want to work in. The last few decades have seen some big shifts in cultural norms. The suit and tie, once a symbol of powerful companies and serious jobs, has become a sign of stodginess in many industries.
  2. Not getting back to candidates (preferred on not) quickly or worse not at all! You could miss great people & have to start again plus the impact on your employer brand.
  3. Accepting mediocrity.
  4. Lack of speed or urgency in your recruitment process.

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