Usually we do references when there is 1 preferred candidate for a role.  Recently we have seen several recruitment processes where the client is down to 2 preferred candidates & want to do references on both.

References are part of the probity process.  They should verify:

  • Where the candidate worked
  • Attendance record
  • Personality & cultural fit
  • Technical strengths & weaknesses
  • Probe any areas of concern

If there are any alarm bells, then in the reference probe these to ensure the context & meaning of what were the issues & if they improved over time.

If you have 2 people that you cannot choose from then I would advocate that you do some sort of exercise – could be a simulation that they can do & then compare the results.  Most often we use a scenario & the candidate must provide a report back within an hour of receiving the scenario.

The majority of references we conduct are fine, but they need to be conducted by an experienced interview who will probe any areas of doubt during the reference.

For Capital references should be part of the recruitment process & the results part of the decision-making data.





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