We have just completed a Search for a Local Authority.  They had been looking for a Senior Water engineer for a year.  Not our normal role but using a social media strategy, search, our AI & Big Data tools we found someone in 6 weeks.

There is lots of jargon & myths (perpetrated by the industry) about search One head hunter I talked with made it sound so much more than what it actually is.  Here are the basic steps:

  1. Clear definition of the role
  2. Research the market
  3. Develop Search strategy – social media, advertising, referral programmes, online search & attraction, messaging.
  4. Implementation of strategy ensuring consistency & compatibility around messaging.  Approach, qualify & interview to create a short list
  5. Long list to the client
  6. Narrow to 3-5 candidates
  7. Offer and negotiation
  8. Update unsuccessful candidates.

All the steps are important, but steps 3 & 4 are evolving with new search technology and social media.  Social is important both on hiring and candidate sides.

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