Social Media Presence

Your LinkedIn profile is important if you are a hiring manager or someone looking for a new role.

Overseas part of the probity process when recruit includes a formal stocktake of a potential employee’s social media account.  This will start happening in NZ as well.  Your online presence will be a factor in whether you get a role or not.

Some facts from surveys I found online;

  • 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process.
  • 43 percent of employers use social media to check on current employees.
  • 44% of employers said that they had hired a candidate through social media.
  • 93% of employers say that they will search for your social media profiles during the interview process.
  • 51% of hiring managers say that they’re looking to see if the candidate will be a good fit with the corporate culture.
  • 45% are researching potential hires on social media to find out more about that candidate’s qualifications.
  • 44% of hiring managers want to see if a candidate is creative.
  • 42% of those surveyed say that they have changed their mind about whether or not to hire someone based on what they have found online.

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