Speed, Timing & Substance

The policy space has become very busy, we have multiple permanent & contract opportunities.

It is very competitive finding great senior policy candidates in both permanent & contract roles at the moment.

The time it takes to get feedback for permanent roles from hiring managers has increased. This means that you have a greater chance of losing wonderful candidates to other organisations.  You snooze you lose.

Hiring managers need to have streamlined processes and provide timely communications to candidates.  The quicker you can do this the greater the chance of keeping good people in the process.  Otherwise you could be back to square one starting again.

Candidates want to know – who they are going to work for & with, what workstream will they be on & why would they leave their current role for yours.  Remember in a tight market speed & substance count.

Lately we have had some great experiences with hiring very good people, while other processes have been less than ideal.  Less than ideal mean you that you back at the start multiple times.

If you know any great senior policy people who might consider hearing about opportunities, we would welcome any referrals.



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