What employers want on Social Media

Surveys have shown that when employers view candidate social media profiles:

  • 83% of employers are turned off by references about using illegal drugs.
  • 71% are turned off by posts of a sexual nature.
  • 65% are turned off by use of bad language.
  • 61% are turned off by bad spelling or grammar.
  • 51% are turned off by references to guns
  • 47% are turned off by photos of consuming alcohol.

Displaying poor grammar & spelling online appears to be more detrimental to your prospects than guns or alcohol.

Other things that employers could be put off by:

  • Negative comments about previous employers or colleagues.
  • Inappropriate comments or photos.
  • Qualifications or experience that does not match your CV.

Things that are positive:

  • Creative posts.
  • Good comments by others.
  • Awards & accolades.
  • Positive posts & comments about their colleagues, bosses, & workplaces.
  • Posts on industry knowledge or professional experience.
  • Qualifications & evidence of work.
  • Sharing of industry related news.


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