What happens when Hiring Managers use more than one recruiter

  1. Your recruiters will do less work. You will get a veneer approach – across the surface and no depth. Any Recruiter who values their time will analyse where they are likely to get the best return. If you are one of 3 then you have a 33% chance of filling the role. Versus 100% if exclusive.
  2. The focus on nonexclusive roles shifts from quality to speed.
  3. You’ll eat up a lot more time in admin. You can end up with lots of low calibre CV’s to go through.
  4. Some recruiters will send you un-vetted/minimally vetted candidates in their existing database/inventory.
  5. The recruiters may not be the best brand ambassador for your organisation.
  6. If you have ongoing needs or in a tight market with short supply of quality candidates, you will not get ongoing quality candidates from recruiters. They will present them to clients who they work exclusively with.
  7. Recruitment is part art & part science. The art is in matching the soft skills of client & candidate.  Nonexclusive work can result in low quality personality matching.



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