What my dog has taught me

The cat/ impermanence post had many positive comments so thought I would do a Friday Philosophy Post.

My dog has taught me

  1. Patience – he sits so nicely when he waits for his food or chilling on the coach
  2. Enthusiasm for a new day, boy is he excited first thing. It rubs off when those around you are positive & happy
  3. Exercise is important, good for your body & mind. I must have walked 10, 000’s km & enjoyed every bit of it
  4. He is a pure breed but is twice as big as he should be. Far from perfect but lovable.  We need to learn that for ourselves & others
  5. A look conveys love. Dogs & owners both produce oxytocin (love hormone) when they look at each other
  6. He is always happy to see me no matter what. Unconditional love.  Nothing better
  7. Sleep is good
  8. When the cat died (seems pathetic given Friday’s events) he was there & business as usual, I thought build a bridge & get on with things.

Perfect kindness acts without thinking of kindness  Lao Tzu Chinese philosopher


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