What will I be known for?

Just had a birthday & I was thinking about “what will be my legacy” – if anything.

I have my 2 lovely daughters in their 20’s – one in San Diego studying Law, other in Auckland doing medicine.  Yes, thank goodness they take after their mother in looks & brains.  When will they finishing studying so I can save some $?  Still attached at the wallet but would not be if they were bumming around.  Very proud of them but is there more?

Unlike Rod Drury don’t have $1.1b after cashing in $95m last year to do some philanthropic works.  So not going to be on a grand scale or highly visible.

Eulogies often say things like – will never be forgotten.  Frankly that is bollocks.  Unless you are a major historical figure we will all be forgotten in a hundred years, when those that have met us are dead.

So I am thinking that while people that have met me are still alive they will think:

  • I tried to help people have a better life by connecting great people up
  • I did the right thing even if difficult
  • Treated people fairly & honestly
  • Enjoyed a laugh & the odd vino
  • Easy to work with
  • Added some value to their lives.




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