What’s happening in the market

The market is very tight across Australasia.  Talking with colleagues in Australia they have candidates who have accepted roles but then take another more lucrative role.  Often, they have signed the contract & some have actually started a role when they take another role & leave after a few days.

In NZ we have not hit that level yet but the candidate supply for quality & skilled staff is very tight.  For some permanent roles recently, we have approached well over 50 –100 people in order to find the right candidates for roles.

Here is what you should consider:

  • Updating your LinkedIn profile. Consider what a potential employee will see & think.
  • Think about why someone would want your role against another one, or why they would leave their current role for yours.
  • You will to be proactive & sell your role to potential employees.
  • Look at your recruitment processes – is it easy to apply, are you quick to respond, do you get back to people.

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