Why do you need to make an impression with your candidates?

Here are some facts from international research:

  • More than 33% of candidates have made their decision about a job within the first 5 minutes of the interview, or even sooner
  • Nearly 50% of candidates decide whether they would or wouldn’t accept a position straight after the initial meeting.
  • 20% know if they are interested after their first communication with the client
  • Less than 10% wait until they have completed interviews to decide
  • 7% decide during contractual negotiations
  • 70 % of job seekers turn down a job if their first impression is sub-standard
  • 35 % would not take a job if they didn’t like the reception area
  • 50 % are swayed by the interviewer’s dress sense
  • 60 % are swayed by a handshake
  • 59 % are influenced by how the interviewer wears make up
  • 42 % would be more likely to take a job if they liked the manner of the office receptionist
  • 44 % admit they’d probably turn down a job if they didn’t like the room they were interviewed in
  • 51 % would turn down a job if they were kept waiting too long
  • 58 % said banter and/or small talk is important.

It does matter!

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